4th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography

The Palazzo Italia is situated in the centre of Berlin, not far from the Brandenburg Gate, at Unter den Linden 10, on the corner of Charlottenstrasse.

This historic building, always much beloved by the Berlin inhabitants for its beauty and elegance, originally housed the luxurious Hotel de Rome until 1910. It was later renamed “Römischer Hof” and housed banks and legal establishments until World War II, when it was badly damaged by bombing. Breathing new life into the location, the Fiera Milano has supervised a complete renovation of the building on both externally and internally.

With the renovation, one of the most original and impressive buildings of Berlin has been restored to the German capital, a true jewel of distinguished city-centre architecture.
As part of the renovation, the former inner courtyard has been converted to a winter garden – creating a new ambience in the building, featuring an impressive glass and steel roof. This improvement has made Palazzo Italia even more extraordinary and elegant, becoming one of its main characteristics. In this Winter Garden, Steve McCurry's Retrospective exhibition will take place.

The Palazzo Italia is even situated in the direct district of the German government, parliament, famous cultural institutions like the Humboldt University, the National Library, and the State Opera, but also close to the local headquarters of companies such as Deutsche Bank, Bertelsmann, Volkswagen and Mercedes.

Thanks to its excellent location at the heart of commercial and cultural Berlin, the Palazzo Italia is the ideal frame for hosting this unique Berlin Foto Biennale 2016.

The Berlin Foto Biennale will take place at the elegant Palazzo Italia.